Minecraft Command Block Codes

We have provided the Minecraft command block codes frequently requested by our visitors in this content. You can access different codes from the codes below. Minecraft command block codes are actively used through the interface where commands can be typed within the game. By writing the codes you want to use in the block, which is generally preferred in multiplayer games, you can make the game you play more enjoyable.

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What is a Minecraft Command Block? What Does It Do?

The Minecraft command block is an area that enables easy writing and simplification of codes. In this way, it allows users to write different commands in a single area and provides convenience to them. When you want to cheat in games and change the world you are in, command blocks come into play during this time. Knowing the ready-made codes and accessing the command block is not enough to run the codes successfully in your game world. You can activate the codes in your game world successfully with the steps we will list below.

What are Minecraft Command Block Codes?

You need to access the place where you can write the codes. To open the command block, you need to type give command_block in the chat box. After opening the command block, you can write the commands listed below.

/attribute: Adds, removes or fixes an entity.

/ban: Adds the player to the ban list.

/ban-ip: Adds the player’s IP address to the ban list.

/toggledownfall: Starts or stops the rain.

/clear: Deletes items in the inventory.

/playsound: Plays a sound.

/worldborder: Adjusts the world’s border.

/xp: Increases or decreases player experience.

/weather: Changes the weather.

/unban: Unbans a banned player.

/difficulty: Adjusts the game’s difficulty.

/Kill: Kills the player you want to kill.

/time: Changes the time.

/gamemode: Changes the game mode.

/me: Shows the commands you can use.

/tell: You can send secret messages to your friends.

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